URiGHT is a trade mark belongs to TaiDoc, who is the pioneer in Home Care, Diagnostics, Professional Instrument and TeleHealth System all over the world since 1998.
With a strong research and development background and professional experience for medical devices, we are devoted to launch the most innovative and user-friendly products, helping users to tracks and maintain their health with ease.

As a technology-oriented and innovative company,  “URiGHT” looks beyond the horizon to predict, plan and deliver the quality and most advanced products, which keeps us at the forefront of the medical bio-chemistry industry, meanwhile to provide safe, reliable and affordable health care to the people in the world, Let’s make it right!

As a declaration of our commitment to quality, URiGHT has implemented the Total Quality Control System throughout the company, and established Quality System Control Center, which is world class quality assured by ISO 9001: 2008, medical standard ISO 13485: 2003 (EN ISO13485:2012), GMP: 2003, QSR Compliance, CMDCAS, Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Directive 98/79/EC

FDA 510(K) Clearance

CE Mark

UMCC Approval


MINSAL Approval

URiGHT dedicates to develop unique technologies for medical application.
We currently have 156 patents worldwide for the IR thermometer, blood glucose meter,test strip, cardiovascular care products and more medical applications.
Our patents are mainly in the United States, China, Germany and here in Taiwan.

TaiDoc focuses on 4 core technologies – Medical Electronics, Biosensor, Photometry and Software programming. We utilize our core technologies to develop products in Diagnostics, Home Care, Professional Instrument and TeleHealth.

Medical Electronics

Based on the advanced electronics and IT capability in Taiwan, TaiDoc develops minimized and user-friendly medical devices.


TaiDoc provides accurate quantitative results in terms of test strips and cartridges for bio-signal detection.


TaiDoc employs Photometric technology to develop devices for qualitative and quantitative measurement.


TaiDoc develops the vertical software integration to link personal health data with smart phone application and telehealth system.